mStable: mBTC/hBTC (mhBTC)

How to deposit:

1. You must first hold any amount of wBTC, renBTC, sBTC, hBTC or mBTC in your wallet before beginning the process. All assets can be acquired from a decentralize exchanged such as Sushi Swap or Uniswap. Alternatively, renBTC and wBTC can be converted from native Bitcoin using the Badger Bridge.

2. Once you have acquired the necessary assets, you will head over to mStable to deposit your asset of choice into their mBTC/hBTC pool.

3. You will need to ensure that you select to deposit into the POOL and not the Vault. This is located in the drop down when depositing your assets.

4. After depositing into the mStable pool, you will receive an LP token that represents the value of your deposit in that pool. You will then head over to the Badger App, select the mhBTC vault on the Guarded Vault page and proceed to deposit your vault token for boosted and auto compounded rewards.



mBTC/hBTC LP: 0x48c59199da51b7e30ea200a74ea07974e62c4ba7.

bmhBTC/hBTC LP: 0x26B8efa69603537AC8ab55768b6740b67664D518.


Withdrawal fee: 0.1%.

Performance fee: 10%.

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