ibBTC/sBTC Curve LP

Unlike a traditional liquidity pool, you can participate by depositing only 1 of 4 assets rather than supplying equal balances of each asset.

IMPORTANT: With low liquidity, users may experience slippage when depositing assets into an unbalanced pool. We advise that all users confirm their slippage tolerance before proceeding.

How to deposit: 1. You must first hold any amount of wibBTC (wrapped ibBTC), renBTC, wBTC or sBTC in your wallet before beginning the process. wBTC, renBTC and sBTC can be swapped for on Curve while ibBTC can be minted and wrapped using the link below.

Mint ibBTC

IMPORTANT: ibBTC can be minted from any Convex BTC vault position, Yearn vault position or directly from renBTC or wBTC.

Alternatively, both wBTC, renBTC and ibBTC can be minted from native Bitcoin using the Badger Bridge.

2. Once you have acquired the necessary assets, you will then head over to the Badger App, select the ibBTC / crvsBTC LP vault on the Sett Vault page and select Deposit. If your wallet is connected, this vault will now recognize which eligible assets you have available for deposit. You can now how much you wish to deposit.

IMPORTANT: Prior to depositing any asset, we recommend that users set their slippage tolerance. Based on the balance of the pool at time of depositing, users may experience positive or negative slippage depending on what asset or assets they choose to deposit. Positive slippage may come with a bonus meaning the user will actually receive more of the deposited asset. On the flip side, negative slippage may result in a user receiving a smaller portion of the deposited asset within the pool.

3. Once deposited, you will need to approve the depositing of your selected asset followed by the final approval to deposit all of your assets into curve and finally deposit that LP token into Badger. This method of deposit no longer requires users to leave the Badger app as all of the work is being done for you in one step.


Withdrawal fee: 0.1%.

Performance fee: 20%.

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