This page contains a full tutorial on how to deposit in the Badger vault and important information regarding the vault.

How to deposit:

1. You must first hold Badger Token in your wallet before beginning the process. Badger can be swapped for on any reputable decentralized exchange like Sushiswap or Uniswap. You may also acquire Badger as rewards for depositing into other vaults within the app.


Badger vault has been deprecated and no longer has rewards so there is no active underlying strategy.


Badger: 0x3472A5A71965499acd81997a54BBA8D852C6E53d.

bBadger: 0x19D97D8fA813EE2f51aD4B4e04EA08bAf4DFfC28.


All fees for each sett are individually listed at: SETTs.

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