auraBAL Helper

This page contains a full tutorial on how to deposit in the cvxCRV Helper vault and important information regarding the vault.

How to deposit:

1. You must first hold auraBAL in your wallet before beginning the process. AuraBAL is currently most easily acquired by minting directly on the Aura Finance DAPP. It can also be can be swapped for on Balancer or on a quality DEX aggregator like CowSwap.

2. Once you have auraBAL in your wallet, you will simply deposit into the vault to earn a combination of Badger and vault compounding rewards.


AuraBAL takes auraBAL and deposits it into Aura for staking rewards. Earned AURA is emitted to HODLers as graviAURA less fees. Earned BAL and bb-a-USD is used to buy auraBAL on the open market and, which is then autocompounded increasing the price per share of bauraBAL also less fee.


auraBAL: 0x616e8BfA43F920657B3497DBf40D6b1A02D4608d.

bauraABL: 0x37d9D2C6035b744849C15F1BFEE8F268a20fCBd8.


Performance fee: 10%.

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