๐Ÿ’ŽBadger Boost

The BadgerDAO community voted to allocate more BADGER rewards to users who show a desire to participate in governance and support the BadgerDAO ecosystem by holding Badger native assets - BADGER and DIGG in their wallet, a system known as Badger Boost.

Simply put, Badger Boost adjusts the amount of BADGER rewards a user receives up or down based on your Stake Ratio, which is the ratio of your native balance (bBadger or a DIGG LP) compared to non-native balance (funds deposited into BTC Setts). The higher your native balance, the more BADGER token rewards you receive on your non-native Vault positions.

Note that the only rewards that can be boosted are the BADGER ones that come from emissions, the rest of the interests from the APY cannot be boosted at all and are distributed equally to everyone.

Only vaults that are boosteable are the ones that receive Badger emissions directly from the treasury.

How can I increase my boost?

You can increase your multiplier boost by increasing your Stake Ratio, which is the ratio of the native positions you currently hold against the non-native ones and is calculated using the following formula ([$ value of native positions] / [$ value of non-native positions]). ๏ปฟ However, there is no need for you to calculate it manually. You can use the Boost Optimizer calculator integrated in the app (https://app.badger.com/boost-optimizer) to know with exactitude what your Stake Ratio is and what multiplier boost it gets you assigned. Plus, you can use the same calculator to modify the โ€˜nativeโ€™ and โ€˜non-nativeโ€™ values to calculate what boost you would get in different kinds of scenarios.

NATIVE POSITIONS: Deposited positions that involve either BADGER, DIGG or bveCVX. Those are: wBTC/BADGER Convex LP, wBTC/BADGER Sushiswap LP, bveCVX and CVX/bveCVX. - Note that BADGER or DIGG tokens simply held in the wallet count towards the native balance of the boost just fine, no need to deposit them anywhere. ๏ปฟ

NON-NATIVE POSITIONS: Deposited positions in vaults that receive boostable emitted BADGER tokens as rewards, based on current emissions schedule. Those are: ibBTC/crvsBTC Curve LP and bcvxCRV.

How can I see what APY I get with a certain multiplier boost applied?

This information is directly displayed in the app. All you have to do is click on the boostable vault that you are interested in, hit the โ€˜Badger Boostโ€™ tab and hover over the graph displayed. ๏ปฟ

Do all tokens contribute towards the boost the same way?


- BADGER tokens held in wallet are taken into account towards the boost normally: each dollar worth of BADGER gets you one dollar in the native balance of the boost. - DIGG tokens work the exact same way than BADGER tokens do, but with a few considerations proposed in BIP-92 (https://forum.badger.finance/t/bip-92-digg-restructuring-v3-revised/5653): no matter how much itโ€™s priced, DIGG counts as 1 BTC worth towards the boost, while it also has to be paired with other native assets in order to be fully counted. Example: If you hold 1 DIGG and itโ€™s currently worth $22,000, while BTC is is worth $24,000, your DIGG will contribute towards the native balance of the boost as if it was priced at $24,000 as long as you hold another $24,000 worth of other native assets, like BADGER. As a result, you would end up with $48,000 in native positions.

- BADGER/wBTC LP positions are taken into account as half value towards the native balance of the boost, while the other half is completely excluded and does not count as neither native nor non-native. Example: If you have $50,000 worth of tokens deposited in the BADGER/wBTC Convex LP vault, only $25,000 are considered. - Both bveCVX and CVX/bveCVX LP, following what was proposed via BIP-85 (https://forum.badger.finance/t/bip-85-add-bvecvx-and-bvecvx-lp-as-native-in-boost/5475), contribute towards the native balance of the boost as 50% of their value, just like BADGER/wBTC LP does, with a small consideration: users need to pair their position with BADGER in order to fully unlock their bveCVX boost.


- All boostable positions contribute towards the boost normally: each dollar worth of bibBTC/crvsBTC LP or bcvxCRV gets you one dollar in the non-native balance of the boost.

How my Badger NFTs affect my boost?

Click here to see the NFT Boost value breakdown.

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