An elastic supply token pegged to the price of Bitcoin and governed by the Badger DAO.

What is DIGG?

DIGG premise was to be the first decentralized elastic-supply cryptocurrency pegged to the price of Bitcoin and it is governed by the Badger DAO.
Following what passed on BIP-92 (, DIGG/BTC exchange rate was transitioned to a free-floating rate and all re-basing was stopped.

DIGG boost value:

DIGG tokens count towards the boost the exact same way than BADGER tokens do, but with a few considerations proposed in BIP-92 ( no matter how much it’s priced, DIGG counts as 1 BTC worth towards the boost, while it also has to be paired with other native assets in order to be fully counted. Example: If you hold 1 DIGG and it’s currently worth $22,000, while BTC is is worth $24,000, your DIGG will contribute towards the native balance of the boost as if it was priced at $24,000 as long as you hold another $24,000 worth of other native assets, like BADGER. As a result, you would end up with $48,000 in native positions.


bDIGG is an interest-bearing token that used to get by depositing your DIGG on the DIGG single asset sett on Badger. If you have bDIGG you can trade it back to DIGG by simply withdrawing at the app.