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graviAURA (vote locked AURA)
graviAURA is a new vault by BadgerDAO that is part of the emerging AURA/veBAL ecosystem.
This vault locks 100% of deposited AURA tokens for rolling periods of 16 weeks. While the vault has other uses for DAO's and liquidity providers described HERE, this doc is about the user facing portion of the product. Badger will use locked AURA contained in graviAURA in wallets to vote for bribes, sell them, and emit them back to HODLers in the form of BADGER(25%) and graviAURA(75%) less fees.
  • Unlike other Badger Setts, this Vault limits the times when users may withdraw their funds. Please carefully read the sections on Locking and Unlocking.
  • The Badger Treasury will emit badger for a limited time, meaning yields will be higher than normal up front. Read more about it here: {link to launch article}
  • This is a NEW product. There is currently no bribe market in existence, and building to harvest it may require us to miss one bribing round. The BADGER emissions should more than compensate for a round of lost bribes. Read more HERE[link to article] about our plans for graviAURA.
How to Deposit
This Sett accepts deposits of AURA.
  • You must first hold Aura in your wallet before beginning the process. Aura can be swapped for on Balancer.
  • graviAURA is the Badger Locked Aura token and is acquired when users deposit into the graviAURA Locked AURA Sett
  • Once you have Aura in your wallet, you will simply deposit into the vault to earn rewards.
This vault locks batches of AURA tokens for a period of 16 weeks.
Tokens are locked once a week just before 00:00 UTC on Thursday.
As tokens unlock, they are available to withdraw from 00:01 UTC on Thursday, until the next weekly locking event when they are relocked along with new deposits.
The unlock schedule of graviAURA can be found on this Dashboard(under development link needed).
Emissions & Rewards
  • All underlying rewards are autocompounded into more vlAURA less a 3% operations fee.
  • All graviAURA sitting outside balancer pools will vote for bribes which will be sold and emitted to graviAURA HODLers as follows:
    • 10% of the vote weight will be under control of BadgerDAO as a fee
    • 67.5% will vote for bribes and sell them to emit graviAURA
    • 22.5% will vote for bribes and sell them to emit BADGER
  • 5000 additional BADGER per week will be emitted from the treasury for a special 5 week boot-strapping even starting on June 16th, 2022 and ending on July 22nd.
Vault Fees:
  • 3% performance fee
  • 0% withdrawal fee
Influence/vote handling fees:
  • 10% of each vote will be used by BadgerDAO as it wishes.
Exit Liquidity:
graviAURA is a new liquid locked product. At the beginning there will be little to no exit liquidity.
As described in the Product Page, the main use-case of graviAURA is for DAOs, including badger to create liquidity pools with it. As these pools start to grow in AUM, you will either be able to deposit your graviAURA there to earn yields, or sell through these pools.
The amount of liquidity available for graviAURA will depend on how quickly BadgerDAO gets gauges, and how popular those gauges are. This is partially dependent on Balancer Governance to approve gauge requests.
Once 16 weeks have passed, tokens will start unlocking which can be directly withdrawn from the site by users, or be used by bots to arb all graviAURA in pools back to its fair AURA value.
Aura Voting Delegation
The Sett delegates its AURA voting power to to the Badger Voting engine. Rewards are claimed and processed through the Badger Bribes Processor.
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