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bveCVX/CVX (Curve LP)
How to deposit: 1. You must first hold bveCVX or CVX in your wallet before beginning the process. CVX can be swapped for on any reputable decentralized exchange like Sushiswap or Uniswap. bveCVX is the Badger Locked Convex token and is acquired when users deposit into the Badger Locked Convex Sett.
2. Once you have acquired the necessary assets, you will head over to Curve to deposit your asset of choice into their bveCVX/CVX Pool.
3. After depositing into the Curve pool, you will receive an LP token that represents the value of your deposit in that pool. This token will not appear in your wallet unless the token has been added but that does not mean it isn't there. It will appear visible in the Badger App during the next step.
4. You will then head over to the Badger App, select the CVX / Vote Locked CVX vault on the Sett Vault page and proceed to deposit your LP token.


If you are already a depositor in the Locked Convex (bveCVX) Sett Vault, the rewards from the Curve LP vault replace the rewards you are receiving in the Locked Vault.
Also, this Sett Vault is not part of the Badger Boost system. All rewards are distributed pro rata.
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