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HackMoney 2022
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Build a Yield Farming Strategy with Badger 1.5 Mix

Best Submission β†’ $2k
Second best submission β†’ $1k
A few ideas:
  • bveAura Locker
  • Use wBTC to borrow DAI and deposit it into Yearn
  • Levered COMP farm
  • AAVE V3 Deposit
  • Hop / Connext Bridge LP strategy
  • UniV3 Hedged LP Strategy (Pros only)
  • Arbitrum GMX Staking

Build anything on top of BadgerRewardsManager

Best Usage of BadgerRewardsManager -> $2k
Second Best Usage β†’ $1k
A few ideas:
  • Linearly vested equity distributor
  • Co-depositing on top of Pool Together and sharing the spoils
  • bveCVX that delegates on Votium and shares the bribes via the RewardsManager
  • A generalized AutoCompounding Strategy built on top of the RewardsMix (with some help from the DCA Vaults example)

Pool Prize $2k

Any valid submission is entitled to the Pool Prize.
Use Vaults1.5 or BadgerRewardsManager in your Project and get a share of the pool prize!!
If you’re a web2 developer you may build websites to:

Get Started Resources

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The simplest way to build your new Yield Farming Strategy

BadgerRewards Mix

An advanced mix, allowing you to build emitting and autocompounding vaults leveraging the flexibility of BadgerRewardsManager

SnapshotResolver CheatSheet

If you’re stuck with tests failing, check this out

Dig Deeper

You don’t have to check these resources, but if you do, you’ll probably have a better understanding of the underlying technology

Vault 1.5 Codebase

The foundation of Yield Farming Vault + Strat, with onChain APY math and ability to emit tokens you don’t want to auto-compound

BadgerRewards Codebase

Fairly redistribute all tokens from vaults, raffles or liquidity mining campaign, completely onChain, completely transparently

FairSelling Codebase

Process tokens via Cowswap without the risk of rug that a multisig can have


Past Winning Submissions

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Demo Code

AAVE with 1.5 (Newer code, less documentation)

Old Tutorials

AAVE with V1 Code (old but gold)


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