Sett User Guides - Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Token Distribution
WIP Badger Registry
Pre Launch
The BDIGG Vault is a single asset vault that only contains DIGG.
How to deposit: 1. You must first hold DIGG in your wallet before beginning the process. DIGG can be swapped for on any reputable decentralized exchange like Sushiswap or Uniswap.
2. Once you have Badger in your wallet, you will simply deposit into the vault to earn a combination of Badger and vault compounding rewards.
When you deposit $DIGG in our $DIGG only vault, you will receive a token called bDIGG, which is a representation of your share in the pool. This token does NOT rebase and can be used like any other standard erc20 token. Holders of this token will be continuously receiving DIGG rewards to their position via our liquidity mining program while enabling them to use it across DeFi.
Unlike other vaults your DON’T need to stake DIGG. You simply deposit and you’ll be receiving auto compounding DIGG rewards.
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