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Polygon: wBTC/ibBTC SLP
Before you begin depositing, you will first need to bridge equal amounts of wBTC and ibBTC to Polygon. Both assets can be swapped for on any decentralized exchange like Sushiswap or Uniswap.
How to deposit:
1. Once you have bridged your assets to Polygon, you will head over to Sushiswap to add liquidity to their wBTC/ibBTCpool. Once there, you must ensure that you have selected the Polygon (Matic) network to begin depositing.
2. Once you are on the proper network, you will need to adjust the slider to the Liquidity tab and select wBTC and ibBTC as the assets you which to deposit into the pool.
3. After depositing into the Sushiswap pool, you will receive an sLP token that represents the value and percentage of your deposit in that pool. This token will not appear in your wallet unless the token has been added but that does not mean it isn't there. It will appear visible in the Badger App during the next step.
4. You will then head over to the Badger App, select the Sushiswap Wrapped BTC/ibBTC vault on the Experimental Vault page and proceed to deposit your sLP token to receive rewards.
*All rewards will be claimable within the Badger app except for Sushiswap LP fees. These accrue to your LP token, increasing its value over time.
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