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Why is "My Boost" not showing or seem incorrect?
The mechanisms through which the boost calculations are shown are currently experiencing an outage from a third party (TheGraph). As a result Arbitrum balances are currently not be included in boost.
My claimable balances are not increasing - am I not earning rewards?
Reward calculations utilize infrastructure provided by TheGraph. Currently, these updates are not possible due to arbitrum network outages which impact rewards calculation. You are not losing out on rewards due to this. Once service has been restored, your full expected balances will be available within the app.
What is TheGraph and why can't Badger fix it?
TheGraph is a GraphQL based third party API to help with protocol analysis. Arbitrum network is required to provide responsive RPC to satisfy those indexing requests. As there is a network wide issue with calls not having timely returns, or completely erroring out, subgraphs cannot sync. Unfortunately this cannot be amended by the Badger team and we will be required to wait until the situation is rectified within the network.
Why is the TVL on Arbitrum is wrong or outdated?
The statistics exposed by the protocol via API per chain are dependent on TheGraph tracking. Until the issues have been resolved there may be discrepancies in TVL.
Is my in app balance affected?
All in app balances under the 'My Portfolio' section are read directly off chain and priced with live pricing from our API. These balances should still reflect appropriately.
Is the app still usable?
All app critical processes and displays are done via web3 in app. You should not experience any issues with deposits or withdrawals. Any issues experienced are likely caused by issues with Arbitrum or their RPC rather than the app functionality itself.
Last modified 1mo ago
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