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NFT Boost Value Breakdown
All Badger NFT's have a BADGER value associated with them that contributes to a users Badger Boost.
Each group of NFTs has a baseline value assigned to it, denominated in BADGER. This BADGER value is applied to a holders NATIVE balance (for boost only, not redeemable). The rarity of each NFT within the group determines its value relative to others. All BADGER NFTs are erc-1155 meaning that there are multiple of the same NFT or tokenID.
The following chart shows the value in BADGER of each individual NFT:
IMPORTANT: NFT's of the same kind are not stackable. Only the value of one will be applied to a users boost.
Cumulative NFT Value can be seen on the Badger Boost Optimizer page above your native asset value and will show your NFT value relative to the price of Badger.
IMPORTANT: You must however ensure your wallet is connected and holds the appropriate NFT in order to view its value.

How to Acquire a Badger NFT

Users can acquire NFT's on by using the following links:

Honey Pot

Rarity: Common
Rarity: Common
Rarity: Rare
Rarity: Rare
Rarity: Legendary
Rarity: Legendary

Diamond Hands

Rarity: Uncommon
Rarity: Scarce
Rarity: Legendary


Rarity: Epic
Additional Resources:
Users can see a detailed breakdown of their assets and boost multiplier by visiting and entering their wallet address.
Read more on BIP 73: NFT Boost v1 -
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