Boost Optimizer User Guide
1. Visit and connect your wallet
2. Click the Boost dropdown and select Boost Optimizer
3. View your current Boost
The Boost Optimizer automatically displays the native and non-native balances in your wallet, and calculates your Stake Ratio (native to non-native) in order to generate your boost multiplier.
The color code corresponds to your current Boost level, spanning from Basic Badger (orange) to Frenzy Badger (red).
According to the asset levels displayed on the calculator, you will see a note displayed below the native assets field that indicates the amount of additional native assets ($BADGER or $DIGG) needed to raise your Badger Boost to the next tier.
When you deposit that amount in the Badger App, you should see your Badger icon change and your Boost score increase.
4. Modeling your boost multiplier
To model how your Boost score changes at different asset levels, you can adjust the values in the calculator, and the results will automatically update. Adjusting upward from your existing position will turn the asset field green while adjusting downward will turn the asset field red.
It is also worth noting that while reducing your non-native position may increase your boost multiplier, you will ultimately receive less Badger rewards in your non-native setts.
To go deeper into the mechanics of Boost, you can view the underlying model here.
4.1. Check Your Badger Leaderboard Status
If you’d like to see how your Boost compares to other Badgers, click “View Leaderboard”. You will see how many users fall into each category.
Note that the “Multiplier” value, not your rank, determines your reward levels. Your rank on the Leaderboard is for flexing purposes only.
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