Badger Finance
BSC Contracts
All Badger contracts on BSC can be found in the deploy file.
All contract governance is ultimately managed by the Badger operational multisig. For upgradeable contracts, upgradeability rights are managed by the governance multisig. This can be verified via the ProxyAdmin contract. The operational and governance multisigs have the same set of signers and are functionally identical.
The one exception to note here is the "native.test" vault which is a tool that is used for testing UI and not used within the system. This is managed by an EOA to faciliate testing of various parameter changes.

How to verify upgradability rights on ProxyAdmin

  • getProxyAdmin(address) for each upgradeable contract in the system should return the address of the ProxyAdmin. This means that contract is under management of the given ProxyAdmin.
    • If this proxyAdmin is not the control of that contract, this call will revert.
  • owner() of the proxyAdmin should resolve to the Badger governance multisig.

Governance access control

The operational multisig has governance rights over each contract in the Sett system (vaults, strategies, controller). This can be verified by the governance() view function on each respective contract. See deploy file for list. The governance and upgradability rights can also be checked programmatically via the BSC governance verification script.

bBadger and bDigg tokens

The bridged tokens are not upgradeable and access rights are minting / burning permissions are managed by Multichain.

Etherscan Verification

All contracts within the Badger system are verified on etherscan.